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Hello Again!

Well, I fell off the wagon last semester, but it’s time to dust off the blog and get things going again.

It’s been a fun, exciting, and hectic first year at Georgia Tech. I taught a new grad course in the Spring Designing the course was interesting in and of itself, a seminar on Human-Robot Interaction. Given that the field of HRI is still defining itself, the topic list for a course on HRI is pretty up in the air. So, the course reflects my particular interests in HRI and has an AI and Cognitive Science bent. I chose a few broad categories of social intelligence and for each category we did a survey of readings related to what we know about how this capabilities arises in humans, and then coupling that with readings on state-of-the-art approaches to implementing these kinds of capabilities on robots. For example: understanding intentions, social learning, teamwork, empathy and emotions.

My other main focus this year has been getting together a social robot platform for my research group. I’m working with a company, Meka Robotics, who are building us an upper torso robot with two arms and three finger hands. And a group at the Georgia Tech Research Institute is building us a socially expressive head. It’s been a really fun and interesting process, stay tuned for more details as we start to get the hardware up and running.

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