So, Where’s My Robot?

Thoughts on Social Machine Learning


Introducing the new Autom. This is a personal robot developed by Intuitive Automata, a spin-off of MIT alum (and fellow Breazeal alum) Cory Kidd.  Based on Cory’s PhD thesis, it is a motivational robot designed to be a tool people can use in a weight loss regimen.   Doctors have found that people who consciously keep track of food and exercise while dieting have more success.  Through daily interactions, Autom helps people in this aspect of dieting.  In a recent study, they compared groups of people using Autom to groups using similar desktop software and to people using pen and paper.  The Autom group was found to stick to their diet twice as long as the other groups.

Autom’s new look (right) was unveiled last week at an entrepreneurial event in Barcelona.  Looking good…congrats to everyone at IA!

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