So, Where’s My Robot?

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Everybody loves their Roomba?

Beki Grinter and other colleagues at Georgia Tech recently had a paper at Ubicom on their ethnographic study of people’s Roomba usage. It colllected quite a bit of press, an AP article,, and even inspired Comedy Central’s Colbert Report to feature robots as the #1 Threat Down…nice!

These Roomba studies always leave me wondering about the people that we are not hearing from. I personally know a lot of people that stopped using a Roomba, they either didn’t find that it cleaned very well, or got tired of “roomba-izing” their houses. It’s facinating to learn about the Roomba fans, but as a counterpoint it would be great to see some interviews and analysis of the non-fans too.

October 11th, 2007 Posted by | Fun, HRI, In the News | 4 comments

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