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IJCAI Learning by Demonstration Challenge

IJCAI 2009 is coming up (July 13-16th in Pasadena).  If you are going to be there don’t miss the Robot Exhibit.  Chad Jenkins and Monica Anderson have put together a great event.  There are several “challenge” topics, one of which is Learning by Demonstration.

For the LbD exhibit we have 5 teams showing demos:

  • “Interactive Social Exploration for Robot Learning”, Maya Cakmak, Crystal Chao, Andrea Thomaz (Georgia Tech)
  • “Confidence-based Robot Policy Learning from Demonstration”, Sonia Chernova, Manuela Veloso (CMU)
  • “RGame: Embodied Gaming for Robot Learning from Demonstration”, Dan Grollman, Chad Jenkins (Brown)
  • “Interactive Robot Shaping using the TAMER framework”, Bradley Knox, Peter Stone (UT Austin)
  • “Learning Outdoor Mobile Robot Behaviors by Example”, Richard Roberts, Charles Pippin, Tucker Balch (Georgia Tech)

In addition to the academic teams that applied and were accepted to exhibit.  There will also be a number of exciting demos of robot platforms.

I think it is great to see robots at IJCAI/AAAI, as it is a well recognized vehicle to push the field of AI forward into real world (what Horvitz has described as open world) problems.  The robot exhibit is going to be a yearly event, held in conjunction with various conferences (AAAI, IJCAI, and others).   The 2010 event will be held at AAAI, and the challenge topics will be announced during this year’s event.

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