So, Where’s My Robot?

Thoughts on Social Machine Learning

Hello Blogosphere!

Who am I?
My name is Andrea Thomaz. I’m a postdoc at MIT, working at the Media Lab with Cynthia Breazeal.

What’s this blog about?
I’m starting this blog around the topic of Social Machine Learning, which has been the topic of my research for several years now. I’m happy to take suggestions of topics for future posts, email me.

Why a blog?
This is a reserach experiment of mine, so we’ll see if it has legs. The blogging medium is an exciting one for academic research communities, and I believe that we’ll continue to see more people using this medium in addition to the traditional conference and journal channels.

I hope that this can be a useful way for me to vet ideas that are developed and not so developed, comment and critique related research, and highlight news and industry that is related to Social Machine Learning. And, lastly I hope to foster some relationships with likeminded researchers out there. So feel free to post comments or send me email.

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