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Bezos invests in Heartland

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has invested in Rod Brooks’ startup Heartland Robotics.  What exactly the company will produce is still under wraps, but they’ve indicated that it will be focused on industrial robotics.  And from recent talks that Brooks has given we get some idea that it will be centered around humans interacting with robots in factories.

It will be interesting to see whether or not this investment leads to Amazon’s warehouses being one of the first test-cases for Heartland technology!

(via TechFlash)

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SWMR Guest Series

Over the next few weeks/months we are organizing a series of guest bloggers here. Each guest has been asked to write one post in response to the question “So, Where’s My Robot?” Purposely vague, our goal is to see a variety of commentary about the important problems we have to work on before we’ll see everyday robots in the world.

Several interesting folks are lined up.  And if there is someone that you would like to hear from please send email or write a comment!

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