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Developmental Learning Robot

While we’re on the topic of biologically-inspired learning, here’s a video that recently hit YouTube of Alex Stoytchev’s robot.  Their upper-torso robot is designed to learn by exploring its environment.  In particular, they want to figure out how to get it to explore its environment and learn about objects in child-like ways.  This is a problem that has been called affordance learning, learning what what effects objects in your environment produce when acted upon.  In the video they demonstrate learning to classify 20 objects by sound only, with an action set of 5 exploratory actions.

I think affordance learning is an interesting topic for robots.  We’re working on a slightly different problem than Alex’s lab, looking at how the robot can use people to help it learn about objects.  But the end goal is the same, robots that could dynamically adapt to new environments without having to be pre-programmed with every skill needed.

(via RobotLiving)

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