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Thoughts on Social Machine Learning

Bio-Inspired Social Robot Learning

Some work out of my lab on social robot learning was recently presented at ICDL in June (and got *best student paper!*) and follow-up work is going to be presented at RO-MAN in a couple of months.   Here’s an overview + video…

Social learning in robotics has largely focused on imitation learning.  Here we take a broader view and are interested in the multifaceted ways that a social partner can influence the learning process.  We implement four biologically inspired social learning mechanisms on a robot: stimulus enhancement, emulation, mimicking, and imitation,  and illustrate the computational benefits of each.  In particular, we illustrate that some strategies are about directing the attention of the  learner to objects and others are about actions. Taken together these strategies form a rich repertoire allowing social learners to use a social partner to greatly impact their learning process.  We demonstrate these results in simulation and with physical robot “playmates”. (Find links to the papers here)

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